Dr. Jonathan Donath Joint Effort Chiropractic – Dangerous Chiropractor

These doctors, are not real doctors, they aren’t certified to work. They made my situation worse, that was how I found out. I was experiencing an unusual amount of back pain that I had assumed was from a car accident that I got into a few months back before I had moved here. I had seen a different chiropractor at the time. I came to Dr. Donath to correct the issue since he was the closest chiropractor to my new house. Unfortunately, it did not go well. The first time that Dr. Donath tried to ease the pain, he did a correction in the wrong area. I tried to go back for another session, thinking he was just using a different technique. He made me feel worse. I was forced to sit in a hunched over position because it hurt so bad. I found another chiropractor not too far from him. Glad that I did because this doctor straightened me out and relieved the pain. He also told me that if I went back to see Dr. Donath, I could have been seriously injured. He knew that the doctor in that office was not fully certified if at all. Avoid him at all costs!

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