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Complaint: Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum ordered tests as any doctor could, and was completely negligent on prescribing any ameliorative treatment regime. He had presided over the precipitous decline of a dear close friend. He could have helped them; but instead he allowed their condition to get worse and worse. He didn’t seem to care about my close friend’s decline of health. His only so-called “treatment”” was to make them worse by outrageously giving them bottles and bottles of Tylenol and some other nasal spray medication which had nothing to do with their medical condition that resulted in chronic high blood pressure. Now my dear friend can neither walk nor talk thanks to apparent medical malpractice. That’s why I’m writing this review. Dr. Tenenabaum who appears to lack empathy has reduced my friend from a very high energy kind of person to someone who can barely eat on their own. How did this doctor ever get through medical school in the first place

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Address: and then get hired my Mount Sinai? Politics perhaps? The lives that he has destoyed and the health of patients that he has sabotaged with his apparent malpractice / dysfunctional approaches is all over the internet. I would not recommend Jerry Tenenbaum to anyone in Victoria or Toronto.”


Phone: 109-1026 Johnson St Victoria, British Columbia Canada

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