Dr. Gundry – Dr. Gundry made me sick

I had heard about Dr. Gundry and I came across him online in a search for something to aid me in my search for a healthier lifestyle. He advertised a supplement that was like a multivitamin, but stronger. It seemed like the perfect thing for me to take. I could have more energy, lose my sluggish feel, and retain nutrients in my body. | As soon as I received the order, I started taking the pills. I did not notice any difference in the first couple of days, but on the third day, I got really sick. I figured I had caught a bug of some sort, like the stomach flu, or even got food poisoning. I was still taking my vitamins at the time, but the sickness continued for a week so I decided to see a doctor. | The only thing I was taking other than Dr. Gundry’s pills, were vitamin B and a probiotic. He said that those would not cause me to be this ill, so he suggested I stop taking the supplement. | I felt better after just two days of stopping. I do not know what is in those pills that he is selling, but they made me sick and could be really dangerous!Forewarning for Dr. Gundry’s Products.

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