Dr. Craig E Gibson, D.C. Review


Sixty pounds in a month, no stringent diet or excercise, all without cutting off your leg? My chubby little darlings, you’re over-weight, not stupid. Don’t let this charlatan play on your desperate hopes and dreams, and part you from your money! He is not a “doctor”, but a chiropractor. To become a chiropractor in some states, you do not even need a high school diploma. This man has no training in weight loss. And, because he is not a physician, none of the state or local medical boards oversee what he’s doing. It is absurd to think it’s appropriate to sustain a 60 pound weight loss over the course of only one month, with no physical exam, no discussion of interaction with medications, no review of any existing medical conditions, et al. You might not only lose your money and your self-esteem, but your life. The one thing you won’t lose is weight! We’ve all been around the track enough to know this sort of claimed weight los is impossible. Think, Dear Hearts, think. If he had some magic formula to allow you to lose 60 pounds in one month, don’t you think he’d be touted as the Second Coming????? He’d be all over the national news, his image would be impressed into coins of the realm. His minions would carry him through the streets on a litter with the crowds chanting “Hail, Gibson!” He would not be meeting fat people on the weekends in total obscurity in a darkened, borrowed office!!!! Overcome your need to believe, your need to suspend reason and logic, and think!!!!! In fact, if you make an appointment in Asheville with this guy, you’ll find an empty office, no lighting, with one creepy old man and you, alone….no receptionist, no nurse. You’ll find that the office belongs to another chiropractor. He’ll close you in a back room, pull up a chair way too close to you, and shove fifteen-page handouts at you, telling you the answers to all your qeuestions are in there. Yet, you will have no time to review the printed info. He’ll tell you lie after lie…..that your advanced age will aid in your weight loss, that there will be no sagging skin, even if you lose 100 pounds. If you’re able to, when he’s out of the room, step on the scale. You’ll discover that you’ve already magically lost twenty pounds! Wouldn’t a correctly-calibrated scale be in order in a weight loss clinic? It’s calibrated, all right, but, to make you believe untruths. When your discomfort becomes so extreme that you try to leave, you’ll discover that he requires you to make payment to him for several hundred dollars….for me, it was almost $600…in order to escape. Then, he’ll tell you that he’s all out of his magic elixir and he’ll have to “mail it to you sometime next week.” So, be sure that your appopintment is on the weekend, pay in check only, so that Monday morning, you’re able to stop payment on the check. If you insist on being duped into believing that there is a “secret” way to lose extravagent amounts of weight with no effort or suffering, go to Biotrust.com. Same info, same diet, same offer of email support, and, I believe, same snake oil. One of the differences is that this site tells you what the elixirs are. Dr. Gibson claims his “formulas” are “proprietary” and you would have no idea of what you’re ingesting. Biotrust makes reasonable claims of weight loss….three pounds a week. Dr. Gibson claims fifteen pounds a week. Biotrust offers a year’s full refund guarantee. Dr. Gibson’s “program” is non-refunable. Realy, Honey Bunches. You and I both know that there’s only one way to lose weight….through incredible hard work and dedication. Don’t let this man prey on you.

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