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July 30, 2002ttRoutine eye exam with Dr. Weaver. nI wanted new contact lenses, and had been previously satisfied with FOCUS monthly lenses that I purchased via the Internet. Dr. Weaver would not release my prescription to me and said I needed a special kind of lenses to correct my astigmatism. These special lenses were more costly ($300.00) he said, but necessary to correct my vision. Dr. Weaver told me that the FOCUS contacts were not as costly, but would be less effective at correcting my vision. nSeptember 6, 2002tPicked up new lenses. nSeptember 24, 2002tThese new, expensive lenses were uncomfortable, slid around in my eyes, and made my vision blurry for close reading. Unsatisfied with the new lenses, I called Dr. Weavers office. His assistant, Mary, told me to come in that evening. When I arrived Dr. Weaver refused to see me because I had only been wearing the contacts for about 2 hours that day. He told me to come back the next evening.t nSeptember 25, 2002tSaw Dr. Weaver. He examined my eyes with the contacts in them, but told me I hadnt had them long enough (about two weeks) to make a decision about their effectiveness. Dr. Weaver told me to come back in 3 more weeks. nOctober 29, 2002tI wore my contacts as Dr. Weaver recommended, but found it impossible to do the reading/writing necessary for my job as a social worker. Most often I wore my glasses until this date, when I returned to Dr. Weavers office and gave the lenses to Mary. I had done some research on the Internet, and found the FOCUS monthly lenses I had originally requested for approximately $68 for 2 6-paks. I made a copy of this info and gave it to Mary. She had a pair of disposable contact lenses for me that Dr. Weaver wanted me to try before ordering new lenses. I told Mary that I would try these new lenses, but if Dr. Weaver couldnt come close to the $68 price then I would leave these disposables, get my $333.00 (contacts plus his insurance plan fee) and take my business elsewhere. Mary told me to take them anyway. nDecember 9, 2002tCalled Dr. Weavers office to let them know these new, disposable contacts were acceptable if the price was right. Left message on voice mail requesting return call. nDecember 13, 2002tNo return call from Dr. Weavers office yet. Left message #2 on voice mail with same message as above. nDecember 23, 2002tStill no return call from Dr. Weaver. Left message #3 on voice mail, this time saying that I would return the disposable lenses come get my check for $333.00 this week since Dr. Weaver obviously didnt want my business. nLater that same day I checked my voice mail and found a message from Mary, who informed me that Dr. Weaver WOULD NOT issue a refund. When I called back to the office, Mary told me that Dr. Weaver agreed to give me 2 6-paks of disposable FOCUS contacts for the $333.00. nI explained that this was unsatisfactory to me, because I had paid for a more costly brand, and 2 6-paks (A 6-MONTH supply) should not cost $333.00 when I could go elsewhere and get them for $68.00! nI also asked why no one had called me back before today, and Mary said, I think I called you once before. I told Mary that I knew this to be untrue because I have caller ID on my telephone, and she certainly DID NOT call me before today. Mary did not try to dispute this. When I realized that I was getting nowhere, I asked Mary to have Dr. Weaver call me back personally and gave her both my work and home phone numbers. nTo date, Dr. Weaver has not called me back. I am out $333.00, and have only one pair of disposable contacts (which I never ordered nor requested.) Dr. Weaver will not return nmy money, issue a prescription, or come to a reasonable agreement. My insurance company, VSP, has been billed for the cost of the exam. nThe PA Better Business Bureau has sent three letters to Dr. Weaver with no reply. nBeckynStewartstown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

640 Shrewsbury Commons Ave Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania U.S.A.


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