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After listening to Dr. Isa Andrews on the radio as America’s favorite health coach I ordered his book. Several weeks following I received a call supposedly from Dr. Asa himself. He was very friendly and asked me to order some of his supplements in order to get me on the right path to good health. He said they would be $300 and I said I could not afford. He explain this was a “ministry“ and he would work with me. I agreed to pay half. He asked for my credit card number and after much discussion I gave it to him. I received another shipment which I did not order one month following at the full charge of $297 and 98 . I called and called and called and only received his answering service. Eventually received a call asking what the problem was and told them I never ordered the second shipment. He talked me into keeping suppleDr. Isa Andrews ments at the total cost of $50. I was Never refunded the difference. December 25 Christmas Day was charged another $295.92 on an order I never placed. I am having trouble starting any orders. None of my orders, except The very first one were authorized. I have filed a complaint dispute with my credit company please be aware of this company . He works under lifestyle companies in Lake Mary Florida, he has an office in Atlanta Georgia but you cannot contact anyone by email or phone except the 800 number

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