Dr. Arthur Glosman DDS – Dr. Arthur Glosman Salesman Not a Dentist

The staff he has is poorly trained and the equipment that they use is outdated and skeptical to me. When I first had my X- rays done. The dental assistant had to redo them three times. I was happy with my teeth, I just wanted to fix a couple of chips that I had in the front section of my bottom row. Dr. Arthur Glosman was not very understanding, and rather than listening to my needs, he tried to sell me on buying veneers. He made up every problem in the book that was wrong with my smile. I did not appreciate the jabbing he either. He manipulated the entire situation so he could sell me on $20,000 new teeth. I kept saying no. Regardless, when I left, the woman at the front desk gave me pamphlets and pricing information. I can afford it, but I do not appreciate someone trying to sell me something I do not need and insulting me in order to do so.

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