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Complaint: I am writing this report because Dr. Anna Rhee is a dangerous doctor who put my wife’s life and babie’s life in danger. She is chemically imbalanced and insane. I’m writing this report to warn other pregnant women and couples about our NIGHTMARE SITUATION. We were hoping to have another doctor in the practice deliver our baby but we UNFORTUNATLEY ended up with Dr. Anna Rhee. On the day my wife and I went to the hopspital Dr. AnnA Rhee screamed at us upon our arrival. She bullied us and the nurses. She is an absolute nutcase. My baby and wife ended up having some problems because of the distress the Dr. Anna Rhee caused to my Wife’s body. She didn’t LISTEN to my wife or me. She didn’t help my wife or me. She threatened us multpiple times and created trauma within my wife’s nervous system that my wife is still dealing with since the birth of our baby. The nurses in the hospital also admitted the problems that Dr. Anna Rhee has caused other patients. We would like to sue Dr. Anna Rhee however we decided to move forward with our lives. However, the least we could do is put this report up so that other couples and pregnant woman can read and reconsider using this doctor and her practice.

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Address: 2 W 86th St, New York, NY 10024 New York , New York USA

Website: www.nywomenshealth.com/md-anna-rhee-st-lukes-roosevelt-hospital-new-york.htm

Phone: (212) 603-4173

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