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I ordered 110 custom-printed t-shirts from Jason at DPI Graphics. He guaranteed that they would be delivered on time for my event which was held 7/21/06. The shirts did not show up in time and as of today (7/25/06), they still have not arrived. I spoke to Jason via email about the shirts not showing up on time. He was apologetic, but offered to go ahead and send me the shirts and refund half of my payment ($197.50). I agreed only if he could provide me evidence by Monday, 7/24/06 that they had shipped and that he had started the refund process to my credit cards. He gave me his word that he would, and I haven’t heard from him since then. I contacted my credit card companies and no credit had been issued so I filed disputes on the charges based on my merchansise not being received. The total payment that I made was for $395. This was done in three separate payments. The deposit of $200 was made to my Mastercard on 6/26/06. The second payment of $100 was made on the same Mastercard on 6/28/06. The final payment of $95 was made using my Visa check card on 7/17/06. nDarrinnFlat Rock, North CarolinaU.S.A.

506 Blueridge Drive Murfreesboro, Tennessee U.S.A.


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