Doxy Lingerie delta British Columbia Review


Wow I can’t believe how many people have been ripped off by this so called “company”” nSo my story is the same as everyone elses. I ordered on Sept. 20

never saw any merchandise

so a while ago i came across this site to find all the complaints against doxy. I e mailed them telling them to stop sending me the bullshit automated messages and that i want my money back. I did hear back from them the next day saying that my request has been granted and that my money has been credited back directly…. nwell

still no sign of my money

so i e mailed them again today and they were quick to respond with “”can you forward me with your credit card # so that i can see if it has been processed””? nare you kidding me? give me a break. I’ve got to be a complete idiot to fall for that! nSo anyways

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By Ronald

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