Dorothy Danger (Crum) California California


My husband and I have always had a rocky relationship and we have been off and on but this slut whore rotten crouch bitch has f**ked with my family for the last time!!!!! He only had her as a play toy because she was skinny no stretch marks big boobs WHATEVER!!! She is a minimum wage brat who can’t hold a regular job!! She went to school to do hair and got fired because she is a filthy pig!!! She can’t cook, no literally she can’t even boil eggs!!! She can’t clean, wash clothes, all his clothes would come home smelling like mildew, whites were dingey, she is just a sorry ass female all around. My husband had to pay my younger sister to clean the appartment he was living in with her back in 2009, my sister said the dishes were moldy, the washer was full of moldy clothes the box was so full there was nats and flies. The back yard was so full of dog poop you couldn’t see the ground, she had bloody panties in behind the bathroom door along with used tampons in the trash can, I mean this chick has zero qualitys of a good female, mother, or wife!! || One day she called me at work talking shit so I went to her dump of a house to fight, she put a gun in my face!! She has spoken on my kids and that’s a no no!! She pulled up next to me in traffic in my husbands and I’s car talking shit!! She went away for about 8 months I thought it was finally over, boy was I wrong, well it turns out the”Barbie” came back as lil piggy. Miss I’m perfect flat tummy size 5 came back a size 12/14 and the slut don’t have any kids. ALL her kids live at the abortion clinic!! So she’s back my husband left for a few months but like clock work he wants his family back. This is chick is so nasty she’s living in my husbands appartment works part time at two bars and all the guys she can talk to she ends up talking to MY sisters brother in law!!! Telling people she put my husband out of his own place because he’s”cheating” on her!!! || Bitch please your a low life slut whore who needs to get back down the yellow brick road with the rest of the fat home wrecking whores!! Oh yeah she’s a”pin up” girl!! LoL yeah ok!!!! Sorry so long but this has been going on for years and I have finally showed my husband what a whore she is, so he has decided he likes having a wife with a full time job who takes care of the home, the children and top of that HER MAN!!

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By Ronald

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