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Complaint: Doro Motors represents themselves as a large supplier of ATV’s and Dirt Bikes. Doro Motors is owned and operated by Ben Vaughn. Ben Vaughn lists his business address as 378 North Perkins Road, that is not a business, but his in-laws home. He listes 743 Jackson Ave as his warehouse location, it is not his. It is filled with used auto parts and is owned by a completely different company. He has no balance in his account, he owes the freight company money so he has no way to buy merchandise or ship it. We wired him large amounts of money for atv’s and they were never shipped. For three months he made excuses and told us nothing but lies. He even went to the extent to fax us fake tracking numbers that were never picked up by the freight company. He said that he has brought over containers from China, but that is not true. He has never bought a container from China nor does he have the funds to do so. He has Zamp Helmets listed for sale, he has no contract with Zamp and never has. He was recently arrested and released on bond for Interstate Commerce fraud on Friday, August 27th, 2004. He was bonded out that Saturday and his website is up again selling Dirt Bikes and ATV’s to unsuspecting consumers once again. We know that there are hundreds of victims, but we cant seem to find them all. If you have been scammed by Ben Vaughn or Doro Motors please file a report with the FBI internet fraud complaint center. This is the website Please file with them and get added to the list so that we can put him in jail for a very long time. Everytime that complaint is filed that goes directly to the State Attorney’s office. Heidi Altamonte Springs, FloridaU.S.A.

Tags: Motorcycles

Address: 378 North Perkins Road Memphis, Tennessee U.S.A.


Phone: 888-313-3676

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