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Glenn Dormer claiming with over 30 years of experience in real estate industry. But their service is so bad and they are a CHEAT! I was looking for a real estate agent in Moorpark so I met with Glenn and Wendy to speak about my expectations from the kind of place I am looking for. I was promised that they would provide me with the accurate information on how to get a great deal on a home. As I live with my husband and a daughter I was in search for a single family home and approached Glenn Dormer and started planning how to relocate to Moorpark. I met with the realtor from their team and discussed everything. Initially he was very cooperative and helpful and did everything that was asked. I had the realtor put an offer down on a house. He lied to us about getting copies of the permits (he told us none were on file,The seller’s agent had a major meltdown/tantrum during the inspection and threatened to not sell us the house, etc because we were ‘asking too many questions’ and ‘touching things’. We walked away from that house. We tried to get intouch with Glenn and Wendy but none of them were available. Called them several times and also send across many emails to discuss with them. These people were not at all interested in talking to us and helping us with our problem!! The realtor should have first discussed with the seller’s agent and then discussed with us about the house. How could they be so irresponsible??. Claiming to have experience of 30 years in the real estate industry doesn’t make anyone a good real estate agent! These people are doing real estate business which is not beneficial to anyone at all. I wanted to move into this house with my husband and daughter, now it has completely shattered me as I won’t be able to trust any real estate agent till I actually get the home!

Keller Williams Westlake Village california, California USA


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By Ronald

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