Don’s Grass And Landscape Austin Texas Review


Don’s Grass and Landscape in Austin, Texas ripped me off twice on the same deal. I bought two pallets of grass sod. I took them home and immediately laid them out. There were exactly eight dead squares burried in the middle of each pallet of grass. Obviously, they had a whole pallet of dead grass and split the dead squares amongst fresh ones to cut back their loss. They figured customers would not complain about a few dead grass squares. nWhen I reported it and requested replacements, they told me it was natural that a few squares would die inside the bundle and they do not guarantee all squares will be OK. Horse crap! To make matters worse, I sent my worker back with the empty pallets to get my deposit back. He was told he needed a yellow piece of paper that was never given when the grass was originally picked up. I have also been cheated on my pallet deposit. I suggest anyone wanting an honest business that sells grass to stay as far away from this company as possible. They are coniving cheats and do not care a bit about repeat business. They will get as much as they can from you on the first stop. nMarie ****nAustin, TexasU.S.A.

6240 W Highway 290, Austin, Texas U.S.A.



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By Ronald

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