Donna Sanchez – God fearing, Church going,, Holier than thou … You think you are better than everyone, REALITY CHECK Indiana


I understand she and my man grew up next door to each other, ok not a problem. They even dated in high school … no problem … He left for the service after graduation, she remained where she is. 6 months later, he returns and she is pregnant. “she doesn’t want to tie him down, or ruin his life, she got this on her own” Whatever .. the past is the past … but damn … the kid is 38 now, buck up and be real with him. IS IT HIS KID OR NOT. The last 6 months of 2018 …. she’s calling all hours of the night, texting, facebooking, this and that. Enough is enough already … I lost my cool … I don’t want to hear “we are just friends” bullsh*t, I wasn’t born yesterday. I told her if she cared about him as a friend, then she needed to back off for a bit cause its causing major problems with US. NOPE, silly hoe … you need to know, you might be able to manipulate him … but not me. You can quit the lies, and all the drama you have been trying to start. I’m a very easy going gal, loving life. BUT I won’t hesitate to put your business all out there on front street ….. If you mess with my man, my money or my kids. Anything else I can handle, but those 3 … I will defend until the last breath. Death doesn’t scare me, Jail doesn’t scare me. But the lies continue … I can’t believe you have stoop so low as to accuse me of being a drug addict. Wow… for the record, who’s daughter overdosed on Herion leaving 4 kids for you to raise … You are such a pathetic excuse for a woman. Karma balances those scales everytime without fail. So … Saint Donna, the God fearing, church going … “what would Jesus do” Know this is the first of many to come. For the last time, leave him alone, get out of our lives …. go raise the grandkids, try to do better with them than you did your own. Cause I will say this … ONE more time, that’s it … and know in advance I don’t play well with others.

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By Ronald

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