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My husband had an affair with a woman he went to high school with. They met again at their 30th reunion, which I did not attend. I found out about the affair when my 12 year old son went into his dad’s email to find out about when his baseball team was having it’s first game. I saw an email from a name I didn’t recognize, and asked my son to open it. It was a love letter he sent to her and her reply. At the time, my husband was on his way home from a union convention. My son was so upset he couldn’t stop crying. I confronted my husband about it and he told me they were just friends. So I started checking his cell phone records and learned he made over 600 calls to this slut in a 3 month period. After doing a little detective work, I found out where she worked, lived, her phone number and her name. || He treated me like garbage while he was with her. He kept lying to me and telling me it was over, but I kept finding out it wasn’t. I lost 30 pounds, had panic attacks, and also have startle response. He kept swearing to me it was over, and gave the passcode for his cell phone. I intercepted a voice message she left on his cell and confronted him with it. He told me he was in love with her. I went to her house to confront her, and she lied to me and told me they were just friends. Needless to say, I had a breakdown and wanted to kill myself. Again, he told me it was over. || A few weeks later, she called my house one evening when she thought I was at work, but I was home because I was sick. The 3 of us were on the phone screaming with each other. The affair finally ended in the beginning of August 2010. She still calls me and harasses me. She’s a single woman in her early 50’s who has never been married. She acts as if she was entitled to have an affair with my husband. The strange thing is, she’s short, chubby, and not attractive at all.

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By Ronald

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