donna klan/ free jewelry new paris Indiana Review


first of all i work real hard for my money and have raised 2 great boys on my own, and for these evil non working individuals that cant sell their product they have to steal from people like me. yes i know you should always read the fine print, however; shouldnt these people have to be up front and honest about what they really are offering. if they werent deliberatly trying to scam people they would not hide the 14 day trial in fine print they would put it right there next to free gift for 14 days then one time payment of only $98.00. that should be a law, the government wants to tell me what light bulbs i have to use but they dont make this kind of fraud illegal? shame on them and every other thief that is out there, i believe every body gets what they have coming, as will donna klan jewelry scammers. THIEFSn and to top it all off they werent even the ear rings i picked out! can you say false advertisement!

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By Ronald

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