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My aunt started talking to this "military" from the internet, she then fell in love with him. They’ve been talking for 2 years now and they’ve NEVER met each other. There were times when he asks for phones and money and of course my aunt would give him. To sum it up, she’ll give everything he asks. He even said he’ll marry her and bring her to Washington and he keeps promising that she’ll give her a better life, he says that EVERY YEAR, but he ended up not showing up. He would always come up with an excuse etc. My relatives obviously know that he’s a scammer but my aunt gets upset with us whenever we say that he isn’t real, she’s blinded by "love". Well, come on now he said he’s in the military, why would he ask for money, why would he always on his phone 24/7 nonstop texting my aunt. What is more upsetting is that my aunt doesn’t see it, she won’t accept the fact that he isn’t real, he’s just a random guy who ONLY wants money and I feel pity for her. Moreover, he even asks for our address and other personal stuff which is what scares me THE MOST, what if one time he’ll show up at our front door and do something to us, what if he’ve been secretly stalking my aunt, not only her but me, my two sisters, my parents, my other aunt we’re all living in the same place. My aunt is not the only in danger but even my family, the people who I care about the most. And now I wanna get rid of him as soon as possible before something happens to my family. I hope you can help my aunt and my family

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By Ronald

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