Don Steinitz is a Scumbag, Cheater and Con Artist! His ‘No Loss’ Robots are Pathetic Shit


Some scammers don’t even care about being exposed or talked about openly in public. This is the only thing I can make of his stupid tactics and dead ‘No Loss’ robots. He sells Forex robot to help people make money. I was willing to take my chances. I fell into his trap after browsing website and support center. It’s good enough a proof for someone looking to make an investment. When was the last time I came across someone looking to risk everything to cheat one more person? This is when it becomes confusing. I don’t see the game plan in it. Is he riding on luck? Is he completely dumb? Is he too intelligent? These questions went unanswered. I think scammers shall be labeled as scammers. We’re only stirring the shit up by talking about their qualification.
You can call me Martin and I’m here to stop you from making dumb investment decisions. You got it right. I was talking about Don Steinitz and his shitty Forex robot. The month of March brought me reasons to feel good and excited. I got introduced to Don Steinitz. I bought the robots and nothing happened. The scam was exposed. I went back to check website to read tall claims made by it.
On contacting support desk, I was made to wait for half-an-hour. The response I got wasn’t worth the time. They’re blank. They’re unable to recognize or detect the account. I contacted the support team on 702 321 8998 again. I informed them everything about robot and several issues I was facing. It was of no use. The executives have been trained in a particular way to frustrate you. They don’t answer your questions. They keep on changing statements.
I bet these guys were not trained or educated on software. They’re sent to take calls right on the first day of job.
There were no replies the following week. This scam is of a very stupid nature. The team isn’t bothered about losing reputation. They’re willing to give it all away to win a bunch of potential investors. Their strategy stinks. They capitalize on our lack of knowledge or experience.
These scam artists took three days to forget me and discard me. I was shocked to be treated like a commodity. I was under the impression I would be able to get money back and make some profit before the robot stops working.
In my case, I went ahead and wrote reviews about them on different channels to take revenge. I’d got every right to do it. I spent $450 and robot crashed on the first day. I advise Forex trade enthusiasts to skip Don Steinitz and check other reliable options.
My request is to stay focused and not get swayed by cheap website, assurance of customer support team and fancy terms like ‘No Loss’ robots. I think what they meant by ‘No Loss’ robots is these robots cause no harm or loss to company.

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