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I went shopping at the dollarama store, paid for it with debit, it shows that imy transaction has been approved but it did not print a receipt, and the cashier called the manager and insisted that I do it aagain, swipe my debit card, but I told her that it went thru the first time because it showed the first time on the debit machine that it has approved. The way she handled the situation was very poor customer service skill and she made it sound like as if it is our fault that they their debit machine is my problem. Trish (she claims she’s the manager). And so I did swipe my debit card again but I said if they charged me twice I will come back and get my money back, and manager said yes comeback and we will refund you your money. I went back there amd showed her my online statement which she did not even bother looking where it showed the two transaction and did not even apologize for what happen. She was just going to take my bank statement and my receipt and told me that “you are not getting your money back today””

and leave me with nothing to hang on to

I was waiting for her to ask me if she can photocopy my bank statement and my receipt and she will handle everything on her end

but no instead she threatened to call security on me for demanding to get my money back for their own mistake…All I was looking for is a little apology for their own mistake but instead I was treated like it is my mistake. I demanded for the head office and head manager

but she insisted that she is the manager and no one else

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By Ronald

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