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Do NOT get involved with this company. They do not care if your business FAILS, All they care about is their bottom line……Getting their money. Your store will be funded from unsecured money from credit cards, which they charge you $5,000.00 because they found the credit cards for you, plus the credit cards will be in your own personal name instead of your business name which makes bankruptcy personal and you risk losing your OWN peronal property. I had eight 8 credit cards to fund a dollar store, everything was a $1.00. It is NOT even possible to pay that much debt back with an income from a dollar store. I NEVER heard from any of the big wigs in Las Vegas after getting my store. The only person that called was the person who wanted me to order more inventory. DRSS negotiated my lease which was for two years which I did not know should have been for only ONE year. I have to file BANKRUPTCY now due to all the debt from the credit cards and to get out of a two year lease. I am in risk of losing my OWN personal property….Because the credit cards are in MY name and not in a business name.

5075 W. Diablo Dr Ste 200 Las Vegas, Nevada USA


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By Ronald

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