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I am 69, a senior on social security. I travel infrequently but when I do look for travel deals. Dollar advertised with a travel deal package with that appeared attractive to allow me to visit my 90 year old aunt in Tampa with my sister. I had done this before with other car rental companies on previous trips to visit Tampa and was NEVER treated this way as Dollar treated me. I am a current resident of Pennsylvania and cannot affford to s****.> I booked the deal and arrived at the Tampa airport on time and secured the rental agreement. I opted out of insurance as I am covered by State Farm and have an excellent driving record. I opted out of the toll pass as I have no debts and pay all my bills promptly and have a solid gold credit rating. [I am the kind of customer Dollar should want for repeat visits.] My sister and I carred $30 in coin and cash and paid all tolls to Brookesville and back to Tampa and for a visit to a friend up North. We are responsible citizens. I returned the car in perfect conditon filled to the nines with gas and met all my responsibilities. The transaction was October 28 – October 31. After the trip was paid and finished (or so I thought) I received two invoices in the mail from www. reference nos. 10235502 for an additional $64.50 and no. 10226503 for an additional $32.12 from Scottsdale, AZ at the Dollar Processing Services, P.O. Box 113270 05 stating that I had incurred tolls at Anderson and Main and Sugarwood and Main for each $1.06 but demanding a total of $90.00 in “administrative fees”” based on a clause in their liability agreement that the consumer agrees to pay for administrative fees for unpaid tolls. Opt out is a scam to collect additonal fees by credit card weeks later by covering their a** with their clause. $60 admin fees on $4.50 of so called hidden tolls is excessive. Tampa Florida location CEO in Tulsa The fact of the matter is that apart from their agreement to cover themselves with their liability agreement they are participating in a SCAM. Due to the location of their service it is evident that the toll pass for $40 is not posible to be an “”opt out””. One MUST purchase the toll pass; but the consumer is not informed of the hidden electronic tolls nor that the opt out is a necessity. The consumer is led to believe we can opt out and then socked with excessive “”admin fees”” tacked on to the credit card after the fact; covered by the carriers liability clause. This practice is probably netting Dollar milliions of dollars a year and allows them to advertise themselves as a low cost carrier

hitting the consumer in the pocket after the trip with hidden and costly and excessive fees. If they were an honest carrier and reputable; they would not charge $60 -$90.00 for $4.50 in hidden Florida tolls for which there are no booths to pay

no sign notifications and for which Dollar neglects to inform the consumer at the desk when the rental agreement is being purchased despite the liability clause to cover themselves with this shameful practice. It appears their is a huge business behind collecting these excessive fees. I would never return as a customer to Dollar Rental as this practice is corrupt despite their artfully constructed liability clause. They should do the right thing which is to inform the consumer of the necessity of the $40 pass or include it in the rental agreement but this would raise the fee on their tight competitive margins so they hide it and hit the consumer with it behind the scenes. It is a disgusting practice and they should be made to live up to truth in advertising and conduct themselves with better business ethics. I tried to straighten this out on several occasions and have hit nothing but unacceptible red tape and they are intent to hit my credit card with thse bogus adminstrative fees for $4.50 in hidden tolls. Shame on them! Sincerely

Doris Rudnick


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