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I have currently filed a complaint with Colorado DORA (see attached), reached out to 9 News to put the information out to protect people, and will be reaching out to the city of Denver as well due to the tow lot being located there. I have also disputed the charge with my bank USAA, to hopefully dig into this as well.The Doll Hospital was closed (at 1500 on Saturday Feb 1st) and the altered parking sign states both 1700 and 1800. I parked my vehicle at 1710 in the #9 space and walked into Joyride Brewery to meet a friend for food from the food truck, after running to the restroom immediately, my friend informed me that my Jeep was being towed. I went outside and watched the tow truck take my car out and turn onto 25th, then south on Sheridan. I was unaware of the “drop law” that Colorado has. I called the number on the tow truck (stopped at the light) and was informed I had to pick it up at 4426 Jason St Denver, CO 80211. My friend drove me to the lot (who happens to be an attorney) and we waited at the gate where we were met by an angry dog and a middle aged male asking what we were doing. I proceeded to let him know that I had recently called and was trying to pick up my vehicle due to being on call at St. Anthony’s hospital. He said they would work as fast as they could with the paperwork. The Jeep showed up, pulled in the lot and within 5-10 minutes, I was driving back to grab my other friend to head back home.When I got back home, I researched Colorado’s laws and contacted the tow company about the $298 charge and how the state requires they only charge $180, plus $66 for storage (within reason according the the law, which there was no storage) and only $3.80 per mile. He stated “these sites put out information that is outdated” which I responded that I was on the government site. He wouldn’t budge and told me to read more. I ended the call, read into it more and called back stating I didn’t receive any paperwork and was overcharged and unless they refund me the proper amount I would dispute it with the state and alert the news.This was my last discussion (which stayed civil) with the tow company.I intend on reaching out to the city of Denver and am awaiting a return call from 9 News Denver.I am hoping the tow company refunds my entire amount due to their violations and am hoping they are fined by the state and hopefully lose their license.

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