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Purchased a $3,000 copier from Docusource in December, 2004. They sell many items on E-Bay, and I had several conversations with their sales person, Brian, on the phone before I was convinced to buy from them. He said that they support all copiers they sell, and if they do not work they will repair or replace them. nCopier arrived before Christmas holidays, when we were short staffed and it was -30 degrees outside. Three units were heavily packaged, and they were unloaded into our warehouse. Our warehouse person was not able to unpackage the items until a few days later, and he noticed that the sorter unit was severely damaged – cracked trays, cracked housing and a door jammed severely. It looked like the thing had been dropped off or a dock or run into something solid at high speed. It was unusable. I contacted Brian, and he said that they could file a claim with the shipping company. nI contacted Brian at Docusource, and he asked me to send him a claim, including pictures, on the damaged item by e-mail, telling me he would get it taken care of. Shortly after the holidays, he was out for some time because his wife had a baby, and after he returned to the office, I sent several e-mails before getting this response back from him on January 14: nDon I turned this over to our service department and do apologize for them not getting back to you. Please call me Monday AM and we will get resolved. nBrian SwawnDOCUSOURCE OFFICE SOLUTIONSnAddison, IL and Gainesville, GAn630 827-0301n708-334-COPY (2679) nI sent another e-mail a week later, and received a notice from him that “I got the pics and will submit to Lena @ NAVL””. nI sent a few more follow up e-mails over the next week

and they were returned. Finally

I reached Brian’s cell

and he said that he no longer worked for Docusource

and that I should contact Dale Haynes. nI called Dale and left a message. Then

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