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The owner of DNR Carpet came out to mesure our family room and steps. We agreed on a price of $731.00 and the date they would come to lay the carpet. The day before the carpet was supposed to be layed, we payed them in full, which we have the reciept that shows. The day the carpet was layed the owner called me and said she mesured the room wrong, and she said it will now cost me more to do the job. It is because she said its the way she was laying the carpet compared to the guys that work for her were laying the carpet. Then she said the steps were not in the invoice which they are on the invoice and now she wants to charge me total of $ 1,310.00. nCindynSouth Bend, IndianaU.S.A.

2207 S. Michigan St South Bend, Indiana U.S.A.


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