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Complaint: DM DataBase is a Scam!! My company paid $975.00 for a list of the most current email address for the industry we advertise in. We olny advertise to companies with 200 or more employees. Linda Serpico was my initial contact. she said she could not give me a sample of the list because they had a 100% money back guarntee,(first red flag) so we told them we wanted a list of 5700 emails from companies in the 100 to 200 employee range. She sent me a list that said we would receive 5738 emails in the 76 – 200 employee range. So we agreed and paid. We where told it would take 2 business days to procuce the list. I asume to make sure the funds clear.(second red flag) 3 days later we received the list. the actual number of companies in the 76 – 200 range was way off. the actual count was 1065 thats 3482 less than what was promised. I called Linda and told her the list was not going to work for us and that the numbers were to far off and she agreed and told me the estimated numbers were off of a much older report. At that point she asked me if we would be interested in a mailing list to compensate for the email shortcoming. She told me to look at the list to see what i could use and she would contact DM Database to see what we could work out. I sent out a test email to see if the list was even worth keeping so i sent 1000 emails out of the 5900 they actually sent us and 300+ of the emails were bounced, and DM Database has a 90% bounce rate gaurntee. I sent Linda an email letting her know that the list was to old and would not work for us and a Ken Newton responded with this response, and remember i have never even heard of him at this point. “Darrin

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Address: Sales Director here. First

Website: reminder about the terms that were clearly stated on the invoice: **Except in cases relating to above quality refund guarantee terms

Phone: we canu2019t provide a refund since youu2019ve already used the list u2026 as indicated in your below email.Secondly

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