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I sat through a sales presentation for Divi Resorts, during which I informed them that I already had a membership in RCI. I was told by the sales representative and the finance manager that I would be able to merge both accounts into one and because the membership purchased through Divi had a stronger points value, I would benefit from my other account now have a stronger exchange rate. This was the deciding factor that made me purchase this timeshare. After making the purchase and having my new account setup with RCI, I contacted RCI to have my accounts merge, per the instructions from Divi, only to find out from RCI that merging my accounts was not possible. I immediately reached out to Divi to inform this only to be told that they would look into it to see what could be done. This was the beginging of the run around. It has now been 2 months since I initially reached out to Divi for assistance and every time I contact them (about every 2 weeks), I am constantly told that someone is researching it and they should get back with me. Meanshile, they continue to take my monthly payment.

6320 Quadrangle Drive, Ste 210 Chapel Hill, North Carolina USA




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By Ronald

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