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I bought a car cd player from this online company. They sent it to me in a timely manner but it was damaged when I got it. I sent it back to get it replaced…that was over 2 months ago. nThey never initiated contact with me except when they initially shipped it to me. After repeated attempts they finally confirmed receiving the defective unit. They said they would replace it with a new one and notify me when they shipped it. A few weeks later I again e-mailed them as to the status of my problem. They said they were out of stock and were awaiting another shippment which should arrive that week. They also said that if they could’nt get another unit they would refund my money. nAnother week went by so I e-mailed them again. Now they were having to damaged unit repaired and would ship it out within the week. Another week and the same story. nThis has gone on now for over 2 months. When I’ve checked their website thay have always showed that CD player to be “in stock””. nI’ve contacted the BBB and they told them the same thing they told me. nThey cannot be trusted and in my opinion are liars. nI have been ripped off by these people. nJonnOkmulgee

OklahomaU.S.A.” Los Angles, California U.S.A.

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By Ronald

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