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Complaint: I contacted Discount Building materials off of Facebook in Sept last year about a pole barn adn replacong the roof on my house with a Tin Roof. After dealing with them adn getting some prices laid down we made an agreement. I still have all of th eemails anf facebook correspondence. I paid them half up fornt for materials for the roof adn barn adn went to work perpping the spot for the Pole barn. The plan was for them to be there around Thanksgiving. Weather slowed that up some. I was ok with that. We continued to have bad weather and our communication seemed to be deteriating. By the time we got to Decemeber I was being promised two weeks. and then next week. And then we got held up. Then bad weather again. Then its on its way…Well aftr Xmas no one would answer the phone. I got an email from Ron saying they were closed for inventory. material was on the next truck out. With in a day or two thier faecbook page disapeered. Answering machine shut down. Web Page dissapeared. Now I cannot get any call back from Ron or the Owner Jody. I have contected thier home #’s etc to no avail. Part of the money wa sinsurance money for the roof. So insurance fraud will be involved there. I also wired th emoney for both the roof and the barn on two wires. So there will be counts of wire fraud as well.

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Address: 2950 S Springfield Ave Bolivar , Missouri USA


Phone: 4177775864

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By Ronald

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