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Complaint: This man name Joe Udon Jimenez is a con-artist, He is a very bad guy, He made contract with me, in the contract it says $5000.00 is due upon start, he demanded the money and I give him the $5000.00 because he said he will start immediately on Oct 31, 2012. In the following morning he told me he can not start yet because it is a holiday. And then on the following week , he called and he told me that he has no available workers and on the next 3 days he said he is still waiting for his workers, has so many excuses, and it goes on and on and on. He has so many alibis, he is very good in making up stories and excuses. He is a Drama King, a total Flake. On January after new year, I started on demanding my money, by this time he change his drama, he said , I already ordered the materials it will be delivered tomorrow, no materials delivered, and then he said it will arrive next week for sure, as usual no materials arrive. And then finally he told me I don’t have enough money as of now would you pay and we we will deduct from the balance. I said no way, I am done just refund my money. He is said he will refund the money, next week, and then next week, next week and more next week. I research I put his name and Joe Udon Jimenez and his phone number, and there you go so many complaints from so many victims like me. I read in KUDZU, here in RIPOFF, YELP , MANTA and much much more. The complaints are all about money, all are the same he gets money and he never start the work but he don’t return my money either . He is a professional SCAMMER. This guy has no license, I am filing a criminal case. he is a criminal, any person who act as contractor without license and get the money from the homeowner of more than $500.00 is committing a crime it is punishable by law, he will be arrested. Please check AB 2237. You don’t need a lawyer to file the case just go the Detective and to the District Attorney. If you want to join with me here is my email address [email protected] We have to stop this guy on victimizing people and getting our hard earn money.

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Address: 775 Azure Hills drive Simi Valley, California United States of America

Website: jimenez landscape and hardscape

Phone: 8059106655

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