Direct Outbound – Direct Outbound is a Mess

I used Direct Outbound to take care of all of my business’s shipping needs before we went global. They fulfilled our orders and took care of holding and shipping. When we were just US-based with them, they were a little overpriced, but we used them anyway because it was going to be a disaster if we switched Services. We were worried about our retailers not receiving the shipment on time or product getting lost. Direct Outbound had already done it a couple times and we could not risk it happening again.We were growing and our president insisted that we go global. We pushed for retailers in the UK and Europe. this was where working with Direct Outbound became a real nightmare.They got our orders all wrong. I know it was not the DHL service because the addresses and shipments were clearly labeled and known before going to transport. We had the shipment that was meant for the UK sent to Rome and vice versa. Our retailers were frustrated. We almost lost the contracts that we had with both. Before pushing our international endeavors any further with Direct Outbound we had to switch. We could not risk it. They are not as organized as they seem and the prices are way too expensive.

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