Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics – 3 Day Project Turned Into A Week Long Process

There are a lot of reasons that I would never recommend to anyone else. I bought a house that needed roofing repair that was previously repaired by amateurs. I went straight to Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics because they could come out and do the repairs the quickest and at my ultimate convenience. I did not want the house to go overnight without roofing, so it needed to be mostly done by day.I was a little thrown off by their pricing, but they told me that it was possible for them to do what I needed. | They came out and did a consultation and then the next day were to start work. It turned into a week-long project. They had to remove all of the shingles from the roof and switch them all out because the color was off from the old ones. It became a complete overhaul. | Day one went well, they got everything removed and started patchwork. They promised me that everything was well covered, especially because it was going to rain.The next day they did half of the shingling. I was pretty irritated that they did not stay true to their time frame, but I wanted it to be done right.There was a lot of wind on the second night however, that blew the shingles they “secured down” away.It set them back even further, and I was paying for it. I had to let them finish the job, and I understand that these things take time, but I was extremely frustrated. By the time they finished, I also discovered that they lied to me about having the patchwork complete before the rain. The carpet was completely drenched and ruined. I was furious. I demanded that they pay for new flooring. | Overall, it was just a stressful tie working with them than anything else. They lied, they strung out their hours, and they did not do very good work. Very disappointed.

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