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I work in an apartment building for senior citizens. One of the residents reported that an insurance salesman from Dime Brokers randomly came to his apartment and attempted to sell him insurance. This resident does not need insurance. This caused a lot of concern due to potential insurance scams out there. I called the non-local number on the business card and left a message saying that I was very concerned because it sounded like someone was trying to prey on the residents in the building and I wanted to talk to someone about appropriate ways to make contact and to see if we could resolve this issue to move onto having a positive relationship. A woman called me back and was incredibly defensive and told me that both myself and the resident were lying and that I needed to get my facts straight. I told her she didn’t need the attitude and she began yelling at me. I hung up. This does not sound like a professional business and I am highly concerned about their business practices.

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By Ronald

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