Dillard’s Edmond Oklahoma Review


Everything said about the Dillard’s corporation is true!! We are forced to sell used returned merchandise. The clerk will try to keep with store policy and tell the customer no, but if you call a manager for a second opinion they will tell the customer “why yes

we will take it back.”” This usually involves taking the time to hunt down a similar item so you can compare prices. I’ve seen clothes with ink and soda stains get accepted not to metion clothes that were shrunk

smelled like body odor

or were frayed and faded from being washed improperly. Don’t forget the fact that a two faced manager makes the clerk look like a liar. nOne department manager at my store got her position simply because she was friends with the store manager (she took daily walks with his wife). Another manager is so bad that she has been passed off to every Dillard’s store in the Oklahoma City area over a 16 year period. Nobody has the nerve to fire her for fear of a discrimination suit. While no one is perfect

doesn’t a good business want managers who are fair and who have some knowledge of things like merchandising

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By Ronald

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