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Dignity Travel is a new company. Tim Holtz of Flying Wheels Travel is the same person for both travel companies. Dignity Travel has a facebook page. It is a re-direct from Flying Wheels Travel facebook.com/Flying-Wheels-Travel-151280066453/ Tim Holtz is the same persopn who left a tour group in a van in the heat with no way to leave the van. He did not check on us once during the entire wait. It’s the kind of situation where you keep telling yourself that it cannot be happening. It has got to end soon. Nobody, especially a guy being paid to run the tour, could possibly be this cruel. But this happened. On the same tour, Tim Holtz took us to a shopping center where we stayed from noon until 9pm. There was no place to rest, one meal, no way to leave the group and find a better place. The shopping center is an open air version of a US mall. It is right on the Pacific Ocean. That day was cold, windy and damp. We spent our time waiting and waiting. Tim Holtz did nothing. As a tour guide he is a failure., No tour guide would ever leave a group of customers the way he left us. Tim Holtz claims to be a travel professional He is far from it. His disregard for the tour group’s needs is the worst I have ever seen. No tour I ever took from any agency was anywhere near as bad. If TYim Holtz was a competent tour guide/tour organizer, he would have arranged a better way to wait for our return flight. That is what tour guides do. That is what they are paid to do. He was the only employee of Flying Wheels with the tour. The only one. If he were compentent he would have arranged transportation for us to the airport in Lima instead of forcing us to wait for 9 hours in the cold and damp. The airport in Lima is an international airpost with heat, lights, restrooms and food. Tim Holtz lied in writing about the shopping center. He claimed it was a beach side mall as if any of us with no or limited walking ability could just leave. He lies about the fact that it is 80 meters (262 feet) stgraight down a cliff to the beach (which all pebbles – impossible for wheelchairs anyway). This is simple to check. He lies about something so easy to prove wrong; nothing he says can be trusted. Dignity Travel has been in business for such a short time that nothing on the facebook page can be trusted. There is no way that Dignity Travel could possibly organize and conduct all those tours. So the facebook page is really an ad for Tim Holtz. No matter what he calls the company, — Flying Wheels or Dignity Travel — he is still the same person. Anyone who buys a tour from him can expect to be treated like baggage. At the very least he is incompentent. That alone is enough to find another travel agency.

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