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Offer posted on the platform offer up and told to contact her by email. I was told later that the sale would be going through eBay which is false and she wanted payment in 6 eBay gift cards with the pin and photos of them. She used another email at that time: [email protected] She had 30 posts of the same car in all different states and once I emailed her she took them all down. This is her initial message, “My name is Diana, and I’m emailing you about 2010 Honda Accord EX-L with an gasoline engine, automatic transmission and only 97,000 mileage. Never had or need any paint/body work done, garaged keep always, without any mechanical problems, tires and wheels are in great shape as well, electric is working perfectly. The engine 3.5L V6, runs very good and the automatic transmission shifts perfectly. Has a clean and clear title in my name and there are no liens or loans on it. This car was used by my husband who died 4 month ago. The price was reduced at $1,200 because I’m in a hurry to find a buyer. I need to sell the car before the 05 of the next month, when I will be leaving on military duty with my medical team out of the country for a year and do not want to store my car. Hate to sell it but its not worth keeping insurance and paying storage fees for a year. If you are interested I can send you pics.”

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