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06:17 PM Diamond Resorts International When i purchased y Diamond Resorts Timeshare, it was transferred over from Mystic Dunes Resort. I was told that the maintenance fees would not be due during 2015 since i was purchasing in June, however, i received a bill in the mail on 19 Sep for a $2900 due on 1 Sep, this is not what i was told at the time of purchase. I was told that since i already paid maintenance fees under Mystic Dunes for the year, i would not have to pay twice, that was a LIE! I was also told that i could use my Barclay Mastercard to pay for my maintenance fees, when i called Diamond Resort and asked them about this, they said they do not have a process for allowing you to pay your maintenance fees with points earned from your Barclay Mastercard. In addition to this, in January they are going to bill be for another $2900, if not more, for maintenance fees, that would be more than $6000 in maintenance fees within 4 months. The lies that are being told by Diamond Resorts International has got to be against the law, and i cannot imagine that i am the only one. Mystic Dunes/Diamond Resorts Florida

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