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Complaint: Devito installed a new roof in 2008. Roof had leaked many times after that in different locations. On 08/11 leak was allegedly fixed by them and leaked again in 2 weeks. DeVito Roofing didnt flash around skylites as is normal procedure to do so. Their post ‘fix-its’ of brushing on a roofing cement or Tar only compounded problem as evidenced in rusty nails, wet shingles and a puddle of water where the shingles met the skylight.As a result: we have to Pay somebody to re-paint the interior, we have to hire another person to fix their mess, even though warranty is 10 yrs on this job. Most importantly we lost potential buyer of the house, who noticed the bubble formed in a ceiling after the rain during the showing of the house. In presently slow real state market this is very upsetting.Devito ignored our service requests and didn’t showed up to fix the problem properly. I wish we never hired him.

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Address: 172 US Highway 46 Mine Hill, New Jersey United States of America


Phone: 973-328-9026

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