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I purchased a puppy from Detra Taylor of Tulsa, Oklahoma for show and breeding purposes. I was told that this puppy was able to get full AKC papers as soon as she was DNA’d and it all sent in to AKC. I purchased her on this promise and I did the DNA and sent it in to AKC. After waiting two months, I registered her and I received CONDITIONAL AKC papers. I called AKC and was told by Nancy in the customer registration support department that this puppy could NEVER be registered with the AKC, as her father’s mother was originally a problem and was given Conditional papers and then this woman bred the mother back to her own father and told me it was okay and that I could now get full AKC papers on this puppy because she was the third generation from the problem. AKC told me that the problem was with her father’s mother, Windair’s Ruby and that the puppy I purchased would not ever be able to be registered with full registration and so I have now been scammed by this woman and was actually given false information when I asked this woman to send me a pedigree before I purchased this puppy and she said she did, but the father’s pedigeree was right, but she sent me a pedigree on a different female and not on the actual mother and so she fraudulently sold me a puppy by showing me false paper. I asked her originally to send me my money back and come pick up the puppy. She refused and got all upset when I called her a liar and so now she will not give me my money back for the original purchase price, plus the money I paid her husband to deliver this puppy to me, plus the money that I have invested in this puppy! I have spoken to my lawyer and she has actually commited fraud by lying to me, providing me with fraudulent paper and transferring her from one state to another during a fraudulent sale. BEWARE OF THIS WOMAN! I can NEVER show or breed this puppy!


Name: Detra Taylor

Country: United States

State: Oklahoma

City: Tulsa


Phone: 918-991-9626


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By Ronald

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