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This detective james severa of the philadelphia north east detective division, stole my property, filed false criminal charges, filed criminal charges without a criminal complaint, lied under oath in court, i have document proof of all these allegations. i have tried to file criminal charges with philadelphia iad, yet they protect their own and have refused to file the charges. the commonwealth court did find in my favor also the common pleas court expunged the wrongly filed criminal charges after they were dismissed due to the commonwealth not ready, no complaint, no crime. i ask for help to prosecute this rouge police officer. i am still in court fighting hte corruption in philadelphia courts now it goes up to the ada deyoung, and darby all covering up the criminal actions of this police detective, they gave away my property after i showed them a receipt for the property clearly showing it was my property. this continues with the police corruption in the forfeiture division of philadelphia, long standing with stealing honest innocent peoples property for their own gain .

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