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Complaint: Sales person said the company is affiliate with the VA and will send a report to the VA to get money to help me pay for shower because I’m 100% disabled vet. It was agreed the price would be $15,995.00 with shower doors. I called the company and asked if they sent the report to the VA. They told me they don’t send reports to the VA. I canceled the shower doors before they installed the shower. I talked to the company and they agreed to take $2000.00 off which would make my bill $13,995.00 I then called the finance company to let them know about the change. they said that they will call the company and get back to me. They told me I signed an agreement for $15,995.00 and that is what I have to pay. Now the company said they will NOT change the price because the shower doors are included in the price. Dimensions for the shower are supost to be 60″ L x W 30″” I measured the W is 28.750″” or 28.3/4″” I’m a big guy and have a hard time turning around in the shower (keep hiting the shower curtain) They should put in a new shower with the right Dimensions. I will call the company Monday and see what they will do for me if anything. Next step lawer suit if they don’t do anything. Will update I took pictures on my cell phone of the shower I measured with tape measure but I don’t know how to put the pictures on ripoff. There’s one more thing

Tags: Corrupt Companies

Address: the company send me a invoice that said : Designed for Seniors Walk in Shower AMOUNT $18

Website: 495.00 when the sales person quoted me $15

Phone: 495.00. It said I was not charged for the shower doors. It said there was a instant rebate (-$1500.00) and sale price discount (-1000.00) Contract total $15

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