Deshanna Williams – Clueless A55 B1tch Louisiana


This b1tch met my husband on POF (Plenty of Fish) about a year ago. Granted she did not know he was married but later found out he was. Instead of walking away she kept trying her best to stay in my husband’s life. My husband and I moved from Louisiana to Georgia. I know my husband very well. He will use a female he has no respect for to the point until he doesn’t need them anymore. This girl was sending coochie pics of the both of them having sex to his email. He asked me to close the email with a lie that he doesn’t want anyone in his business but I know better than that. My husband closed that email because this girl must have questioned him about why she could no longer get into his email and he gave her a very convincing lie. The difference between me and them clueless a55 b1tches, they believe his lies but I NEVER DID. We separated because his daughter and her mother who I extend my good graces to and allow to stay in my house, decided to play games. He lives in one part of Georgia and I live 45 mins away from him. Since coming here to Georgia his daughter who is very slack herself has since left his house to go wild and crazy around Atlanta. I have never did anything but love his daughter like my own but she and her mother came into my house with other things in mind. His daughter has gotten close to this girl because the girl is just as loose as she is. My husband and I have reconciled for the past couple months with this chick from Louisiana not taking a hint to LET GO OF A MARRIED MAN and find someone single and not on a website. It’s thanksgiving weekend and my husband and I had plans with the kids. Apparently miss slack, clueless and loose realize he’s been going ghost on her, so she showed up here in Atlanta. The kids and I usually spend a couple nights out of the week with my husband and since Friday I had a feeling that this girl was here because I notice the names on my Netflix changed. I questioned my husband about it and he played dumb as usual but still that feeling I get when he lies, was still lingering. Then tonight I came home to finding that this b1tch changed my Hulu information as well to her name, my husband’s name and his sloring daughter who is exactly like this girl. I tried to work on my marriage. I always try to be kind to people and believe the best in them even when they don’t deserve it but it always doesn’t work in my favor. I really wish this girl, my husband and his daughter the best. I gave them all my best and they spat in my face, sh1t on my face and wipe their feet on me. Now I’m about to use that energy to tell my story and blast all of them out in public. I wish them nothing but the best because I serve a higher power. Like I always say, “If you do not believe in Karma and that it will get you back, believe in God because if karma doesn’t get you, trust me, God will teach you a lesson.” I will pray God does not be too harsh on them with his punishment. Live life believing there is a God who punishes the wicked and if you do not believe in God, believe in Karma because it will teach you a harsher lesson than God will. What goes around has a habit of manifesting itself back around.

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By Ronald

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