Desert Lodge motel Mesa Arizona


Complaint: Resided at 36 North 63rd Street Mesa Arizona 85205 the desert Lodge. Wasn’t allowed to have for service dogs wasn’t allowed to have company wasn’t allowed to be in a relationship. Other tenants were allowed to go in our rooms and plant drugs and then lie and make false reports to us to the SWAT team. The landlord would assign different people each day to play landlord and the people he made watch the place was mean cruel stupid and backstabbing the landlord is the same way to he is a hypocrite. If you rent from Desert Lodge be prepared to have your every move watched Buy cameras and by people that sit on the property that the landlord has hired to make up stuff about you. Your rent will go up without any notice. And if you don’t pay in a money order they b**** and moan and cry until you give in and get the money order. The landlord d is never around he hires illegals and morons and T******* to do his job because he is a hypocrite! And if you have a past and they find out about it they will do their best to kick you out and if you are certain race or a certain color or certain age they will kick you out.

Tags: Rotten Neighbors

Address: 36 north 63rd street Mesa, Arizona USA



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By Ronald

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