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This is a summary of what I have sent to the customer service feedback website. Fraudulent information! Due to the many attempts telephonically, I am sending this so as to have a papertrail. I will be filing FRAUD charges with my bank in 3 days if this isn’t taken care of. I will ALSO spread the work via SOCIAL MEDIA, which no doubt will bring forward hundreds, if not thousands of dissatisfied innocent people I have attempted several times to speak with customer service representatives concerning a request to return 2 unused bottles and receive a full refund. I was charged 97.41 and 98.41 on 2-4-16 and then again on 2-22-14. After calling several times and getting several unhelpful answers ranging from blatant lies about the company, a false address to name a few, I finally spoke someone who agreed to give me a 50% credit for the creams on 2-4-16. I agreed to this, he didn’t offer to tell me to send back the 2nd set of cream for a full credit. I called back and spoke with another representative that gave me actual RMA numbers as follows: #1–22328173705658624, the 2nd bottle RMA was 22327893705654148. I was given an incorrect address of Renewskins Customer Service, PO Box 52033, Phoenix, AZ 85072-2033. The cancellation # C231108. The entire box was returned to me because the address of a PO Box could not accept a package. So, again I am attempting to return the products. I need a correct mailing address, as well as any other necessary information to have this processed immediately. Please advise As Soon As Possible.

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