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Called for the "free" trial and agreed to pay shipping cost for one product at $4.95. Then was offered additional product — again for only paying shipping. On Nov. 3, two shipping costs were charged to my card, on for $4.95, the other $4.97. Both product arrived in the SAME BOX on Nov. 8 via USPS. On Nov. 17, by card was charged $89.95 from AAGMSKINCREAM, with phone # 888-597-9232. (Note the slight difference in phone number from the one given me in the email: 888-597-9233). On Nov. 20, my card was charged $84.95 from AAGMEYESERUM, with same phone number of first charge. I called the company and was told that by accepting their offer, I had agreed to a monthly contract for each product and would be billed unless they were notified within 14 days of PLACING THE ORDER! That’s totally BS as I contract or cancellation was NEVER PRESENTED TO ME. The agent I talked with was insistent that I had and credit could not be issued. However, she did allow me to cancel any future shipments and charges. I told her I thought it was a scam and I had reported these transactions as "fraud’ with my bank. That changed nothing as she insisted any investigation would be ruled in the company’s favor and I would be held liable for the charges.My bank credited my account, cancelled that card, and issued me a new one. I can only assume they are investigating further, and from reading other scam reports from BBB, this is a common scam. Please be cautious in ordering any skincare products. From the looks of the reports, they change names frequently.

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By Ronald

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