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I purchased a building for storage building from this company to store my household goods. I’m moving into an apartment from a house and I fogured this would be more cost effective. I pay for it and eventually own it.My building was delivered when I wasn’t home and my mother received it. I went in to check it out during th night time the same day after getting off work. I left to go out of town for 4 days for work.When i get back I go and check out the building in the day light. Upon walking in th whole building I noticed that thre was an area on the floor that was very thin. I was afraid my foot would go though the floor. I than noticed that a whole panel on the floor was really thin. This wasn’t good, how could I put heavy furniture in here for an xtended amount of time. At this point I’m going to lock the building up so no one can stay in there and realized the lock is twisting around and not working. The core is stripped so I can’t lock it up. I called the number on the paperwork and I was told to call Derksen since they only handled the financing part.I was given a number to call which I did. I spoke to Daniel Webre and told him about th eissues and he said he would make sure it was taken care of. It is now a month and I’ve called countless times and talked to Daniel Webre and another person that I never got his name. I was told by Daniel that his repair guy was having liver problems and was therefore behind schedule.Like I said it’s been a month now and I still have this problem. I can’t put anything inside because it would get stolen and fall through the floor. This company definetely does not care about quality work or customer service. This is holding me up from moving out of my house. Good thing the military gave me some time to move or I would be up s**t creek without a paddle.I do not recommen this companty to anyone. If this is how they treat their customers they definetely don’t need the business…….

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