DeRicco Forrest Review


I saw a post from Bandman_Rico/Ricco on Instagram stating he worked for western union and could return 10x’s profit on any investment. So I believed him and called him up. As I was talking to him and him explaining how it works I should have known something was fishy. First off he said he live in Chicago but his area code was from Ohio. Also he kept repeating himself like he was reading a script, but still I believed him. A few days later I spoke to him over the phone as I sent him my $100 through moneygram to return profit. Not only did he not send me the reference number, he avoided my calls and he blocked me from Instagram. I hope this nickle cent wanna be hustler get what’s coming to him. I sent him a message that this was f’d up and if he needed my little funky $100 he could of asked for it. Thank God it was only $100, as I heard people being scammed out of much worst. But it was my hard earned money. .

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