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This company, or phone number left a message on my cell phone with the number to call back and the message saying they have an undeliverable package that may be linked to my social security number.I called the number back and she insisted I owed a bad debt to a check cashing place called "My Cash Now" from 2012. She insisted they were going to confiscate my vehicle, contact my employer to have wages garnished and take my home. She said if I did not pay the amount due on the phone with her, that she was going to forward the paperwork to the judge and start proceedings. She said I could make 3 payments with the first starting today and when I told her I could not pay today, she insisted on sending it to the judge and start proceedings and take everything I have. She said that it listed a company on it that I was employed at, which was false. She stated they sent by courier to me 3 times and 3 times it was returned because no one is at my home to sign for it and she said after 3 times, they come after you. I have never received any bills pertaining to this debt she said that they sent.

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By Ronald

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