Derek Ozil Armstrong

I was conned out $70,000 of my own money by a man that goes by the name, Derek Ozil Armstrong. He made up every sob story in the book to get me to feel sorry for him and like him like his wife died from cancer, his son was struggling in school to become a doctor, he had a disabled sister and he was supposedly in the army. | I met him a couple times in person, but shortly after we met, he made the claim that he was being sent to Nigeria by the American government armed forces.Two days after his departure, he called me sobbing about how hungry he was and he did not have money. I sent him money via Western Union.After that, he continued to ask me for things. Next, it was money for early leave and to pay for a ticket home. Then it was a donation for kids that he has met in the army, payment for his home bills, and all of a sudden I was broke.He stopped talking to me when I told him this.I frantically did some research.I finally figured out that he had an ex-girlfriend that had taken him to court for the same thing. All of his accounts had been closed.I was fooled.

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