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I read Derek Low’s blog and website and I was convinced to pay $50 to hire him him to plan my multi-city Amtrak trip. I googled whether it was a scam, but nothing came up. I sent the initial email asking if he was interested in helping with my situation and he responded within two hours agreeing to help me. The next day I sent him the requirements for my trip and he didn’t respond. I became worried and asked him if it was a scam, and that email got his attention and he repied with dates and which cities didn’t have train connections. I responded and didn’t hear back for at least four days. With my trip in less than a week I was concerned. I called Amtrak and their customer service was excellent, they planned it perfectly, taking into consideration all my requeats and finding the best options for me. Much later Derek contacted me and advised me to look at I let him know I was disatisfied with his service and requested a refund. He refused and now I am warning others not to hire him. Amtrak has excellent customer service and he is completely running a scam.


Name: Derek Low

Country: United States

State: Alabama





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By Ronald

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